Guidelines of Ethics

The Journal of Education in Black Sea Region (JEBS) is committed to the highest ethics standards. All authors, reviewers, and editors are required to follow the following ethical principles.

In case of any doubts do not hesitate to contact the editors of the JEBS (

The editors have the following responsibilities:

  • The editor(s) should acknowledge receipt of submitted manuscripts within two working days of receipt and ensure an efficient, fair, and timely review process.
  • The editor(s) clearly identify manuscripts that are fully with the scope and aim of JEBS. The editor(s) should treat all submissions fairly without any favour of prejudice. The editor(s) only authorise for review and publication content of the highest quality.
  • The editor(s) should recuse himself or herself from processing any manuscript if the editor(s) have any conflict of interest with any of the authors or institutions related to the manuscripts.
  • The editor(s) should provide advice to the author(s) during the submission process when necessary.
  • The editor(s) should be transparent with regards to the review and publication process with an appropriate care that individuals will not be identified when it is inappropriate to so do.
  • The editor(s) should not use any parts or data of the submitted manuscript for his or her own future research as the submitted manuscript is not published yet.
  • The editor(s) should respond immediately and take reasonable action when ethical problems occur concerning a submitted or a published manuscript. The editor(s) should immediately contact and consult these issues with the author(s).

The author(s) have the following responsibilities:

  • The author(s) ensure that submitted manuscript is original, prepared to a high scholarly standard and fully referenced using the prescribed referencing convention. Therefore, the author(s) should carefully read the instructions for authors published on the website of the JEBS.
  • The author(s) should not submit similar manuscripts (or manuscripts essentially describing the same subject matter) to multiple journals. Furthermore, the author(s) should not submit any manuscript previously published anywhere to the journals for consideration.
  • The author(s) are represented accurately and other appropriate acknowledgements are clearly stated including sources of funding if any.
  • The author(s) state the source of all data used in the submitted manuscript and how the data was acquired. Moreover, the author(s) should clarify that all the data has been acquired following ethical research standards.
  • The author(s) should read carefully the copyright form. The submitted manuscript must be accompanied by the copyright form signed by the corresponding author. The corresponding author declares the agreement of all authors with the conditions in the copyright form.
  • The author(s) recognise that the Editorial Board of the JEBS has the final decision to publish the submitted, reviewed and accepted manuscript.
  • The author(s) should immediately inform the editor(s) of any obvious error(s) in his or her published manuscript. The author(s) should cooperate with the editor(s) in retraction or correction of the manuscript.

 The reviewers have the following responsibilities:

  • The reviewer(s) who feel unqualified to review the assigned manuscript or if the reviewer(s) feel that cannot meet the deadline for completion of the review should immediately notify the editor(s).
  • The reviewer(s) should inform the editor(s) if there is any possible conflict of interest related to the assigned manuscript. Specifically, the reviewer(s) should avoid reviewing any manuscript authored or co-authored by a person with whom the reviewer(s) has an obvious personal or academic relationship.
  • The reviewer(s) should treat the manuscript in a confidential manner. Read the manuscript with appropriate care and attention and use his or her best efforts to be constructively critical. The manuscript should not be discussed with others except those authorized by the editor(s).
  • The reviewer(s) should agree to review a reasonable number of manuscripts.
  • The reviewer(s) should not use any parts or data of the reviewed manuscript for his or her own future research as the reviewing manuscript is not published yet.
  • The reviewer(s) should immediately notify the editor(s) of any similarities between the reviewing manuscript and another paper either published or under consideration by another journal.

Any report of possible ethics conflicts is a major issue for the JEBS. All ethics conflicts reported by reviewer(s), editor(s) or reader(s) will be immediately investigated by the Editorial board of the JEBS. If misconduct has been committed the published manuscript will be withdrawn. In addition, the author(s) may be excluded from having any future manuscript reviewed by the JEBS.