Culture in EFL classrooms


  • Maia Chkotua International Black Sea University


classroom, culture, language, EFL, teaching


The idea that foreign language teaching has a cultural dimension is not new. Throughout the history of language teaching it has been possible
to distinguish different links between language instruction and teaching about culture. The way how these two have been linked has depended
on the general goals of foreign language education, but also on how the concept of culture has been interpreted. The main aim of the research
is to get an insight into the situation of teaching cultural aspects in English language classes in Georgian Universities. In order to get a broader
view, teachers’ opinions of various aspects of teaching about culture while teaching EFL has been studied and discussed. A conclusion is made
that, i n order to teach about culture systematically, teachers should set clear and achievable goals. However, to be able to do so, they need
both contents and methods of teaching adequate training

Author Biography

Maia Chkotua, International Black Sea University

Assoc. Prof.