Promoting teacher self-assessment through video-recording (with a questionnaire study on Turkish university teachers)


  • Betul Ayse Sayin International Black Sea University


(turkish) teacher assessment, self-assessment, video-recording, reflection, reflective practice, teaching practice


The need for continuous monitoring and reviewing of the learners and learning activities in class entails the need for teacherassessment. Teacher assessment is necessary for the betterment of teaching practice and brings critical self-inquiry which supportsfuture evaluations and assessments. School administrations also mandate teacher assessment in order to observe improvements inpractice.      Video-recording, as part of reflective teaching, has positively influenced the professional development efforts for teachers sincethe time it was started to be used. Among a variety of methods for teacher assessment, video-recording is accepted to be an innovative,effectiveandobjectivity-driven tool.Besides,video-recording hasmade theevaluationself-orientedratherthanageneralevaluationdone by students, colleagues or school administration.This paper describes the use of video-recording for teacher self-assessment and its superiority to other methods with a questionnairestudyon Turkishuniversity teachers throughwhich it was aimed toshow the inclination towardsthe method ofvideorecording.

Author Biography

Betul Ayse Sayin, International Black Sea University

Ph.D. student, Faculty of Education