How to make the assessment of grammar skills more efficient?

Alexandra Nozadze


Whether likes by students and teachers or not, assessment of grammar skills is a necessity due not only to admission exams,school administration, etc. demand to hold it, but also to the necessity simply to know where you are and how well you can communicate(somegrammar errorscan make an utterance eithervagueor totally incomprehensible).Thecontemporary approachto assessmentof grammar skillsdemands thatatleastsome,“crowning” tasks are authentic/communicative. Teacherandstudent views
onadvantages and disadvantagesof various assessment tasks have been studied through interview,and results presented as tables.

Tipsfor making the assessment of grammar skills more efficient are offered.


Grammar Skills, Assessment, Authentic, Semi-Authentic, Mechanical, Traditional, Communicative, Perceptive Skills, Productive Skills

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