Cronan na Balantra in Patrick Pearse’s “The Mother” in comparison with Georgian “Iavnana”

Natela Doghonadze, Nana Tsimintia


The article is dedicated to comparison of two folk lullabies – Irish Cronan na Balantra and Georgian Iavnana, reflected in wonderful fictionwritings, correspondingly, Patrick Pearse’s “The Mother” and “What did Iavnana do?” by Iakob Gogebashvili. It is shown that lullabies are aninevitable part of the child’s early years. But lullabies are special among folk songs and fairy tales, they are sort of magic – they carry all mother’slove, they are protection and support.  It is noteworthy that both stories were written by icon figures for Irish and Georgian nations. Otherwise, theyare very different. What unites both stories and what permitted us to make this comparison is the magic of a lullaby, the miracle of mothers’ love totheir children, the eternal and universal topic for humankind.  The fact is that almost at the same period of time, two different authors from farawayfrom each other countries who never knew each other, were underlining the importance of lullabies. They taught us how to hope, to be wise andpatient, to be humans, love our children, care for and pass our culture from generation to generation.


magic of lullaby, folklore, preserving culture, figure of a mother

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