Contemporary Teaching is not the Process of Cutting a Slice Off the Roast


  • Ekaterine Pipia International Black Sea University


reflective teaching, critical thinking, self-observation, self-evaluation, professional development


The core concept of teaching serves a dynamic world of the classroom that faces a number of different approaches to professional development.From that point of view, teaching can be considered as a very personal practice employing the individual teachers bringing toteaching very distinctive principles, habits of critical thinking, personal interpretations and convictions about the effectiveness of teaching.Accordingly, the whole teaching session is a reflective thinking process concerning the different options to be chosen for the finalgoal. If not so – it is just thoughtless (and, correspondingly less efficient) cutting off a slice from the roast.The purpose of this study is toinvestigate the nature of reflective thinking amongst teachers and to highlight the degree of their engagement in reflective teaching. Theresearch revealed that reflective teaching is a ground for decision-making, instructional planning, self-observation and self-evaluationserving the whole progress of professional development.

Author Biography

Ekaterine Pipia, International Black Sea University

Assoc. Professor (Ph.D) at Education Faculty

Lecturer, Coordinator of Intensive English Language Program at School of Languages