Online Assessment of a Student-Centered Module


  • Tamuna Khetaguri International Black Sea University
  • Mzia Zangaladze Gori Teaching University


e-learning, e-assessment, e-portfolios, web-based tools.


E-assessment can play a significant role in a more flexible and personalized environment for learning, as illustrated in this article. Thereare a number of reasons for this quiet prelude to what could be the next technology-based revolution in the classroom. New pedagogic approachesare opening up, challenging the perceptions that e-assessment is only suited to testing surface knowledge. Some questions aboute-assessment for learning include virtual world scenarios for professional training and web-based tools to develop skills in reflectionand self-assessment. E-assessment is the end-to-end electronic assessment process where ICT is used for the presentation of assessmentactivity, and the recording of responses. This includes the end-to-end assessment process from the perspective of learners, tutors, learningestablishments, awarding bodies and regulators, and the general public. This interactive learning strategy allows students to receiveimmediate feedback.

Author Biographies

Tamuna Khetaguri, International Black Sea University

An Associated Professor at International Black Sea University

Mzia Zangaladze, Gori Teaching University

A Full Professor at Gori Teaching University