Lack of Discipline at University – Is it a Reality for Georgia?


  • Natela Doghonadze International Black Sea University


The problem of university student discipline in Georgia is viewed from medical, social and pedagogical angles. It is noted that, comparedto the past, the situation has deteriorated. Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) was first described medically in 1902 andsince then the situation has been worsening among school children. The goal of the present researches to alert educators on educationalpractices which provoke (or, at least, do not prevent) the further development of misbehavior probably in some cases caused by attentiondeficit and hyperactivity. I aimed to find out whether student misbehavior is a problem among the freshman university students in Georgia,and which components of attention deficit and hyperactivity are especially typical for them (and, correspondingly, need to be paidattention to). The research supported my intuitions on the existence of the problem. The article offers some recommendations on how totackle the problem by pedagogical methods.

Author Biography

Natela Doghonadze, International Black Sea University

Vice-rector, IBSU