Policy Discourse And Formation of New Concepts in the Georgian School System


  • Nikoloz Parjanadze International Black Sea University


Government policies are a manifestation of the state political will which is translated into social action in order to affect the reality through the newly introduced concepts. They form new social realities, new relations in the society building new values. Policies have great impact over state course of actions, present factual information, set goals and objectives. Modern educational policies throughout the world embrace the concepts such as social equality, educational leadership and management, as well as most recent notions of learning and learning process, marketisation, privatization, school governance and funding, standards, evaluation and assessment. In the Georgian context the changes in political discourses and ideologies have been particularly vulnerable. The aim of this article is to look at the new Georgian policy discourse and, through conceptual analysis, identify the concepts and observe the changes they aim to introduce into the field of education in Georgia.

Author Biography

Nikoloz Parjanadze, International Black Sea University

Associate Professor Dr.