Foreign Language Learners’ Errors and Error Correction in Writing Class


  • Maia Chkotua International Black Sea University


Error and error correction play an important role in foreign language teaching. The purpose of this study was to examine foreign language learners’ and teachers’ attitudes towards error correction and the time of correction. Research was held in Georgia, Tbilisi. Participants were freshman students of foreign language department and teachers who teach or taught writing as a separate discipline at university. Optional type questionnaires were distributed to research subjects. It was revealed that both students and teachers are aware of the importance of error correction. Most students want their errors to be corrected, but not in front of the class, while teachers think that it is beneficial to correct errors in class. Students admit that they feel shy and humiliated when their errors are revealed. Teachers should be very careful with it not to discourage the students.

Author Biography

Maia Chkotua, International Black Sea University

Assoc. Prof. Dr.