The Influence of Multiple Intelligences on Teaching Reading in a Foreign Language


  • Suleyman Çelik Ishik University


This paper describes a project to see the influence of Multiple Intelligences founded by Howard Gardner (1983) on Reading instruction. The quantitative experimental research took place from September 2011 to January 2012. The targeted learners consisted of 59 freshman students whose levels were nearly the same at the pre-intermediate level, in Education Faculty at Ishik University, Arbil (Iraq). Students of control group received traditional treatment while reading was taught to them, while students of experimental group were treated according to their intelligence during class and home work. Two MI questionnaires were conducted and three main Multiple Intelligences (Intrapersonal, Logical-mathematical and Bodily kinesthetic) were found among the students of experimental group. The findings showed that directing the learners according to their intelligences bring many benefits not only in improving their reading skills, but also in reducing the class discipline problems and in developing awareness of their weaknesses and strengths.

Author Biography

Suleyman Çelik, Ishik University

IBSU Ph.D. student