Problems of International Student Mobility in Georgia


  • Ekaterine Pipia


Higher Education Institutions, International Student Mobility, Document Validation


This research was designed to examine the level of internationalization of higher education in terms of international student
mobility in Georgia. The papers aims to explore Georgia as 1) the host country and 2) the country of origin of internationally
mobile students, detect the most common problems and barriers existing in the process of recognizing the diplomas obtained at
American and European Universities and validating Georgian educational documents abroad. The study revealed that Georgia,
after implementing reforms and becoming a part of the Bologna system, is increasing its internationalization level, but there are
many problems with the recognition of international education, as well as with the recognition and validation of Georgian education

abroad, which harms the reputation of Georgian higher education system. It is quite obvious that many Higher Education
Institutions in Georgia still do not have the capacity to meet the demands of international students, which results in low numbers,
especially on the masters programs. The study concludes that the majority of Georgian educational documents issued after 2005
(after the new reforms and Bologna processes in higher education - HE), have no validation problems at American and European
Universities, which stresses the fact that the quality of Georgian HEIs is increasing.

Author Biography

Ekaterine Pipia

Assoc. Professor (Ph.D) at Education Faculty

Lecturer, Coordinator of Intensive English Language Program at School of Languages