Managing the Classes by using Multiple Intelligence Instruction


  • Suleyman ÇELIK Ishik University


lassroom Managem ent, Multiple Intelligence, Students’ Engagement, Positive Climate


Classroom management is one of the challenging and difficult tasks to achieve for many of the foreign language teachers and
they confront different types of classroom management problems every day, such as disobeying the school and classroom rules,
misbehaving during the lessons, using obscene words and gestures, and showing disrespect. Unless the FL teachers overcome
those classroom management problems, it is hard to teach effectively. This study deals with some high school EFL teachers who
use multiple intelligence instruction methods in their lessons in Duhok city in Iraq. A questionnaire and interviews were used to
collect data about how the teachers control their classes, their attitudes toward managing the classes and assumptions aboutmultiple
intelligence instruction. The
preliminary results of the study show that teachers who use different
types of teaching activities

control their classes easier than the ways they used when they applied traditional teaching approaches. If teachers take into


Multiple Intelligences, they can achieve higher student engagement in the class activities. On the other
hand, those teachers who use the same teaching techniques all the time have difficulties in managing the classes or their lessons
are so boring. As a result, using different types of activities which are related to learners’ intelligence can both foster a positive
climate and help the teachers to control their classes.