Case Study of S tudents’ Needs and Attitudes Towards Topics Dealing with the Target Culture in the EFL Syllabi in Georgian High Schools


  • Natela Doghonadze International Black Sea University


Students’ Needs, Teaching about Culture, Language and Culture


In second/foreign language teaching a very important aspect of contents of teaching is culture, the unity of language of culture.
Much has already been done in this direction, but still much has not been investigated. The goal of the article is to find out
whether Georgian students think that too much / insufficient teaching about English-speaking countries’ culture is offered at
school and what aspects of teaching about the culture students expect to get. A conclusion is made that it is necessary to pay
more attention to teaching about culture in general and in particular to that of various English-speaking countries (not only the
UK and US, as the traditional approach is), to develop various language activities, especially speaking ones, that will make
teaching about culture interesting and engaging, and to provide a variety of culture-related topics.

Author Biography

Natela Doghonadze, International Black Sea University

Vice-rector, IBSU