Proverbs about children in English, Georgian and Turkish culture



Proverbs are combination of “universal” and “national-cultural” factors, which are interwoven. The proverbs are common to allcommunities and though each culture has its own set of proverbs, the same wisdom can usually be recognised in a differentculture. There are a number of proverbs in each culture dealing with children and their upbringing according to their own cultures.This means that the well-being of children and their education is very important for the society. The study of the proverbsrelated to children in three different cultures (English, Georgian, and Turkish) has revealed the importance that these culturesgive to upbringing children. In our collection of the “children” proverbs and their complete English-language equivalences, weaim to help strangers to better understand the implicit as well as the explicit meanings of those three nations’ proverbs. Inorder to explore the paradigm of the proverbs related to children in English, Georgian and Turkish languages and cultures weconducted the research in several stages.


Children, proverb, Georgian, Turkish, English

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