Two approaches to psychometric process: Classical test theory and item response theory


  • Mehtap Erguven International Black Sea University


Measurement theory, classical test theory, item response theory, psychometrics, educational measurement


In the development of Measurement Theory, there are two main statistical approaches to describe characteristics of an individualand to analyze abilities and latent attributes of a subject which are Classical Test Theory (CTT) and Item ResponseTheory (IRT). This study provides information about the essential properties of both theories, determines psychometric processof measurement with details, compares models of theories and obviously expresses the advantages and disadvantages ofboth theories. The earliest theory of measurement, CTT, and the enhanced application of this theory, IRT models are examinedfrom the common and different points of view. This article emphasizes the importance of the constructing, measuring, evaluatingand correctly interpreting the educational measurement process.

Author Biography

Mehtap Erguven, International Black Sea University

Ph.D. Student, Faculty of Computer Technologies and Engineering, International Black Sea University, Tbilisi, Georgia