Types of antique dream in Anna Karenina


  • Nino Devidze Tsereteli University, Kutaisi, Georgia
  • Eka Devidze Tsereteli University, Kutaisi, Georgia


antique dream, study of dream, types of dream


The article deals with the analysis of dreams as a literary device in Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina. Since antique literature, a dreamas a literary device has passed its way of metamorphoses and has undergone different stages of development. There aremany cases in post- antique literature that show some resemblance with the antique dream patterns. Among them is Lev Tolstoy’sAnna Karenina, where some parallels of antique literary dream can be drawn, such as: a wish fulfillment dream, an allegorydream, a prophecy dream, a dream which is simultaneously dreamt by two different characters of the novel and has oneand the same content. Besides, according to the article, the function of the dreams has also changed and it became orientedon expressing the main character’s inner world and psychology.

Author Biographies

Nino Devidze, Tsereteli University, Kutaisi, Georgia

Assistant Professor, Humanitarian Faculty, Department of Classical and Roman Philology, Tsereteli University, Kutaisi, Georgia

Eka Devidze, Tsereteli University, Kutaisi, Georgia

PH-C in Business Administration (Tourism Direction) at TSU. The Assistant -Professor at European University. The Invited Lecturer at International School of Tourism, Interational Black Sea University. The winner of the Degree & Profession Florence Virtual Expo 2011 (May-June, July-August). The participant of the program ISSI 2008 (Indiana University, USA). The author of books: Project Management Guidebook, Introduction to the Event Management, Handbook for Hotel Front Office Management, Imereti Protected Areas, Eparchies and Monasteries of Imereti.