Creating radio podcasts as pedagogy that promotes learning skills


  • Ella Ben-Atar



The study explored the use of a podcast as a potential tool for developing innovative learning methods designed for students with learning
difficulties and at risk of dropping out of the education system. It presents self-regulated learning by means of podcast production. The
study population comprised students diagnosed with learning, emotional, and social difficulties, and at risk of dropping out. The study
accompanied an innovative pedagogical project wherein students produced a podcast. The podcast included commentary texts, opinions,
interviews, and music. Analysis of the findings indicates a rise in the students’ motivation and achievements in the subject on which the
podcast focused, and satisfaction with their work in the studio. The findings reveal a reinforcement of understanding of the potential of
radio as a friendly, collaborative pedagogy for developing an array of learning skills, reinforcing students’ experience of scholastic success,
and strengthening their sense of meaning and belonging.




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Ben-Atar, E. (2022). Creating radio podcasts as pedagogy that promotes learning skills. Journal of Education in Black Sea Region, 8(1), 46–56.