Improving English Writing Skills of Non-Native Undergraduate Learners with The Help Of Movies Supported By Online Technologies

  • Aydin Aliyev Baku University of Engineering


The purpose of this study is to find out the effectiveness of integrating into teaching English writing movies which
are supported by online technologies. Using movies in English classes has become the interest of many teachers
and educators, as films are believed to be very effective, appealing and motivating authentic materials. Filmic
approach somehow creates a natural English language teaching (ELT) environment in the classroom and makes
the instruction of English enjoyable, particularly in terms of learners. Mixing motion pictures and online
technologies both of which have a very crucial role in students’ life, would be fun and innovative. This study
focused on teaching writing through the use of films and contemporary educational technologies among
undergraduate learners. The action research was designed at Qafqaz University in Azerbaijan among 32
intermediate level students in the School of Languages. The learners were divided into experiment and control
groups which were almost at the same English proficiency levels. The research involved a questionnaire
consisting of 10 questions with participation of 32 learners. The study is expected to be helpful for English
teachers in terms of employing movies and online technologies effectively in writing classes, not to mention it is
likely be a helpful material for further researchers in this field.