Nigerian Secondary School Teachers' Perception of Social Studies Relevance on the Development of Responsible Citizenship


  • Lawal, Moshood Babatunde



This study investigated perceptions of Social Studies in the development of responsible citizenship among secondary school teachers in Ogun State, Nigeria. The study adopted a descriptive research design. A total sample of 308 teachers drawn from five local governments of Oguneast senatorial district of Ogun state, were selected through stratified random and simple random sampling techniques. Data collected was analyzed using Mean score, standard deviation, simple percentages, and t–test of significance. The result shows that the majority of teachers have a negative perception of Social Studies education to responsible citizenship. The study shows no significant difference in teachers’ gender, qualification, and experience in knowledge of responsible citizenship skills and values. The study recommends that teachers should be given in-service training to acquire more knowledge on the role Social Studies play in responsible citizenship development. In addition, only professional and competent teachers should be employed to teach Social Studies.




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Moshood Babatunde, L. (2023). Nigerian Secondary School Teachers’ Perception of Social Studies Relevance on the Development of Responsible Citizenship. Journal of Education in Black Sea Region, 9(1), 96–105.