Importance of Metacognitive Strategies in Enhancing Reading Comprehension Skills


  • Mohammed Bouknify



Although research on second language learning strategies has traditionally been focused on L2 learning strategies, recent studies have shifted their attention to language learners' metacognition. Despite improvements in L2 educational practices, more research needs to be conducted on learners' metacognition while reading in EFL contexts. This article examined effective teaching strategies for EFL reading comprehension. During reading comprehension teaching, metacognitive strategies are emphasized primarily to enable students to reflect on their mental processes occurring before, during, and after reading. Through the use of metacognitive strategies, reading comprehension, and performance are enhanced. This study examined metacognitive strategies as tools for successful reading and related tasks. It aimed at determining how different metacognitive reading strategies are used by non-native English speakers at Bluefield State University (BSU). This research was conducted using a survey design. A sample of 34 students was randomly selected for the study. For the purpose of determining the metacognitive reading strategies of students, a metacognitive reading questionnaire was administered to them. The survey data were transferred to a computer, and Microsoft Excel was used to calculate the percentage and frequency. According to the research results, students regularly use metacognitive strategies before, during, and after reading. While reading, students pay attention to important parts of the text and evaluate both the text and their understanding of it. The research indicates that metacognitive strategies are effective at improving the metacognitive comprehension skills of EFL learners. Furthermore, metacognitive awareness contributes to an increase in self-efficacy among learners. As a result, they become high achievers in EFL.




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Bouknify, M. . (2023). Importance of Metacognitive Strategies in Enhancing Reading Comprehension Skills. Journal of Education in Black Sea Region, 8(2), 41–51.