Effect of using songs to teach junior secondary mathematics


  • Lawani Abisola.O.
  • Arigbabu Abayomi.A
  • Janet Oyebola Adetayo




Singing songs is part of human everyday lifestyle, they can easily be recalled and thereafter affect other aspects of human life. The study
examined the effect of songs application in teaching junior secondary mathematics. The junior secondary level being the intermediate
and upper basic level of education where learners are prepared for the serious academic rigour of the post-basic or senior secondary level
in Nigeria require the introduction of more learner-centred, learner-friendly and activity-based methods. Teaching Mathematics with use
of songs will be one of such methods. The study employed the pre- test, post-test, quasi experimental design. Using purposive sampling
technique, one hundred and twenty (120) junior secondary students from two public secondary schools were selected for the sample.
Three hypotheses were formulated and tested. Two instruments, procedural and main instrument, were used. The data collected were analyzed
using analysis of covariance (ANCOVA). The result of the study revealed that there was a significant effect of songs on the academic
achievement of students in Mathematics and it was recommended that teachers should be encouraged to adopt songs composed during
teaching since their use sustains students’ interest and retention.




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Abisola.O., L., Abayomi.A, A., & Adetayo, J. O. (2022). Effect of using songs to teach junior secondary mathematics. Journal of Education in Black Sea Region, 8(1), 88–96. https://doi.org/10.31578/jebs.v8i1.280