The Emerging Role of Parents at the Time of Emergency Remote Education


  • Abel V. Alvarez Far Eastern University, Manila, Philippines,



Many dimensions of societal roles have been affected by the pandemic crisis due to Covid-19. Since the government of the Philippines mandated that until a vaccine becomes available, there will be no face-to-face interaction, thus, the students must have to study in the comforts of their home. This educational trend paved the way for parents to play an emerging role towards facilitating their children to continue the learning process. Using a qualitative phenomenological research design, this study explores the experiences of parenting roles at the time of emergency remote education. The findings of this paper revealed three themes: parents as facilitators, motivators, and collaborators of the learning process. The results of this study also showed that while macro issues on emergency remote education have been given so much attention, the need to understand and to listen to the experiences of parents who are playing the role of teachers in this time of the pandemic crisis is noteworthy to be given time and attention. This also allows educational institutions to rethink the way they plan and create educational policies toward having a collaborative learning community.

Keywords: Covid-19, emergency remote education, parents’ role, parent’s involvement



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Alvarez, A. V. (2021). The Emerging Role of Parents at the Time of Emergency Remote Education. Journal of Education in Black Sea Region, 7(1), 2–15.