Teacher Opinions and Perspectives of Visual Culture Theory and Material Culture Studies in Art Education


  • Rasim Basak Bursa Uludag University, Turkey




Teacher opinions and discussions about Visual Culture Theory and Material Culture in art education are examined in this paper. Both approaches were compared and evaluated within their contents and fundamentals. Visual Culture Art Education (VCAE) in art education, specifically, has been criticized as having a Neo-Marxist or Cultural Marxist agenda stemming from Critical Theory, nonetheless, it is also viewed as being just another recent Postmodernist approach. Being a controversial theoretical account, VCAE seems widely unknown and not understood in its conceptual frame among art teachers in Turkey. Its name also may have caused confusion. In this study, art teacher opinions of VCAE content, principles, applications and practices were collected through a survey questionnaire; and examined. Participants were 71 art teachers. A purposeful, convenient, random sampling method was employed to represent a population of art teachers from various backgrounds, with various experience levels, with educational experience from various universities, working at various geographical regions and towns in Turkey. The study was designed and structured as descriptive survey research. Analyses revealed that art teachers usually are not aware of the typical discussions about VCAE. Having been criticized as an ideologically rooted theory, the applicability of VCAE in Turkey seems controversial in many aspects.

Keywords: visual culture, Modernism, DBAE, VCAE, critical pedagogy, Postmodernism, neo-marxism



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Basak, R. (2021). Teacher Opinions and Perspectives of Visual Culture Theory and Material Culture Studies in Art Education. Journal of Education in Black Sea Region, 6(2), 186–211. https://doi.org/10.31578/jebs.v6i2.242