Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceived Level of Teaching Skills


  • Iris April L. Ramirez Bukidnon State University



To enable pre-service teachers acquire certain teaching skills, well-planned educational programs and well-trained teachers are needed to implement them. Indeed, teacher education institutions hold a major responsibility in training qualified pre-service teachers, as it is essential for the welfare of a country and securing the quality of all educational levels from primary to tertiary education. To determine the level of teaching skills, a qualitative descriptive method was used with 96 pre-service teachers. The study adopted and modified a scale according to the needs of the study and validated by experts. The present study found that the pre-service teachers of Bukidnon State University (BukSU) generally are prepared for classroom work as revealed in the results of their internship in the laboratory school (which serves as the training ground where the education students of the University have their pre-service teaching) as well as during their off-campus experiences which consist of their roles as student interns and their ability to handle students’ participation. Qualitative research methods can be resorted in order to perform in-depth descriptive studies to investigate the differences in the teaching skills of pre-service teachers from different indicators.

Keywords: pre-service teachers, teaching, skills, teacher education, internship



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Ramirez, I. A. L. (2020). Pre-Service Teachers’ Perceived Level of Teaching Skills. Journal of Education in Black Sea Region, 6(1), 97–109.