Reconceptualization of the Concept of Quality in Education: An Exploratory Study


  • M. Murat ERGUVAN International Black Sea University



The definition of quality is vague, let alone the educational quality. There are so many different perceptions around that we find it quite difficult to produce a single definition of quality. This study attempts to analyze the quality definitions offered by the quality experts of the last century, as well as modern researchers coming from different scientific areas, and find out a way to summarize the definitions. The study also includes the issue of educational quality (with specific reference to Georgian higher education setting) and tries to find a definition of quality in higher education through the stakeholders’ eyes. Having examined various views on the definition of quality put forward by researchers, the study identifies 9 properties of quality under the headings of: Method, Attribute, Scope, Process, Party, Aspect, Perception, Concept, and Influence. A Wordle diagram provides a visual idea about the main terms used to define quality in literature, and a table in the appendix sums up the definitions under 9 property headings together in more detail. This study is part of the author’s unpublished doctoral dissertation about total quality management principles in higher education.




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ERGUVAN, M. M. (2016). Reconceptualization of the Concept of Quality in Education: An Exploratory Study. Journal of Education in Black Sea Region, 1(2).