A Glance after a Century: How the Subject of Cubes were Taught in Geometry Classes at Secondary Schools

  • Gönül Türkan Demir Amasya University, Turkey
  • Keziban Orbay Amasya University, Turkey
  • Emine Altunay Şam Amasya University, Turkey


This descriptive study was undertaken with the survey model and aimed to present the textual content of geometry classes in 1919 including the examples of application. Document review method was used in the history of education study. The text body under investigation in teaching the subject of cubes in geometry classes was presented in the following format: preparatory stage, reviewing prior lessons, presenting new concepts, associating these new concepts with daily life and student practices. This study which focused on the teaching practices during the historical development process of geometry instruction is believed to contribute to the work of educators in this domain.