Recent Research in Black Sea Region on Motivation in Education (Review)

  • Natela DOGHONADZE International Black Sea University
  • Iryna FEDORCHUK Nizhyn Mykola Gogol State University


Motivation in education - that of administrators, teachers and especially students - has always been one of essential preconditions of efficient learning and teaching. By itself it does not guarantee achievement, especially measures by testing and grades, but it created a good background for efficient learning. And vice versa, lack of motivation usually has a negative impact of achievement. Various aspects of motivation have been researched, and the topic seems eternal and inexhaustible.  This review presents some research that has been recently held in the Black Sea region countries concerning motivation in education.

Author Biography

Natela DOGHONADZE, International Black Sea University
Vice Rector at International Black Sea University, Program coordinator of Education Sciences Doctorate program, Program coordinator of Tempus MAHATMA Master program, Journal of Education in Black Sea Region Chief Editor.