Teaching Pre-viewing and Predicting to High School Students in Georgia


  • Tinatin KUMSIASHVILI International Black Sea University




Teaching reading strategies, including predicting, is one of the parts of the Georgian National Curriculum. The goal of the article is to find out whether Georgian high school teachers and students are aware of the concepts of one of the effective reading strategies called predicting and whether teaching predicting guarantees a better understanding of reading comprehension. A conclusion is made that the majority of students have even not heard of effective reading strategies, as for teachers, some of them are not even aware of the requirements of the National Curriculum. So, more attention should be paid to teaching effective reading strategies, as they help students to have better academic achievements not only in educational institutions, but also at students’ future jobs. 




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KUMSIASHVILI, T. (2018). Teaching Pre-viewing and Predicting to High School Students in Georgia. Journal of Education in Black Sea Region, 3(2). https://doi.org/10.31578/jebs.v3i2.141