Healthy Application of Basic Digital Skills


  • Otilia ARMEAN Sapientia-Hungarian University of Transylvania



The study reevaluates McLuhan’s “media-theory”, Benjamin's ideas of the “here-and-now”, and gathers the repeated keywords in theories of key competences in digital era: ability of critical thinking, independence, the ability of learning how to learn, the awareness of complexity and unity, the knowledge of interactions and networking. The fact that we live in a knowledge-based intensely informational age, also means that knowledge is not in itself valuable, but is only a condition for supporting the process of information acquisition and knowledge creation. Today, the reason of learning is not knowledge; rather the other way around: we learn in order to learn how to learn, in order to be able to learn new things later in life. 




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ARMEAN, O. (2018). Healthy Application of Basic Digital Skills. Journal of Education in Black Sea Region, 3(1).